Lowering Energy Costs For Businesses And Institutions
Identifying and Negotiating The Right Renewable Strategy
Sourcing Competitive Energy Supply
Designing and Managing Wholesale Energy Strategies
Integrating Energy Portfolios to Reduce Cost and Control Market Risk
And Portfolio Management
PRX Energy is a consulting and brokerage firm focused on energy cost savings, risk management and sustainability.  Institutions and businesses use PRX Energy to provide experienced solutions to complex energy challenges including wholesale market strategies, renewable energy projects and competitive procurement.  Through the use of a robust energy portfolio model that captures all energy transactions and investments, PRX Energy ensures that our clients have full transparency to their energy costs and risks as we work together to identify and implement short and long term energy savings and sustainability initiatives.
PRX Energy uses 25 years of experience in energy markets to provide the following primary services:
Retail Energy Brokering
Wholesale Strategies
Renewable Energy
Integrated Energy Portfolios
Energy strategies are growing more diverse as organizations pursue sustainability plans and look for creative ways to reduce overall cost and exposure to volatile energy markets.  With so many options available to reduce consumption, utilize renewable energy and purchase energy smarter, energy decisions today should be made in the context of an overall, long-term energy portfolio.  PRX Energy can provide the resources, experience and tools necessary to achieve your energy goals.
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